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Product Description

These jumps are made of heavy gauge vinyl and are very lightweight.  Each wing weighs 2 pounds making the jump weigh 4 pounds total. They are designed with dog safety in mind. If a dog hits the uprights the jump will fall away from the dog. Although these jumps are lightweight, they are designed for and can withstand the rigors of competitive trialing (HUNDREDS of uses per day). 

The jumps have flexible jump cup strips that are made from UV stable TPE plastic (synthetic rubber).  They are very durable and perform well in all temperatures and sunlight. Jump height is adjustable every 2 inches from 4 inches to 26 inches high.

Uprights are 36 inches tall. The support foot easily folds flat so the jumps stack flat for easy storage and transportation.  

Our standard finish is natural white vinyl. Color Accent strips are available in Red, Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Teal, Purple, Orange, Green, Yellow. 

Jump Bars not included with the wing jump but can be purchased separately.  Please note, that jump bars can be expensive to ship due to their length.   It is generally more cost effective to obtain one-inch schedule 40 PVC for bars at a hardware store.


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White $95.00, White with Purple Self Install Color Kit +$7.50, White with Teal Self Install Color Kit +$7.50, White with Red Self Instal Color Kit +$7.50, White with Pink Self Install Color Kit +$7.50, White with Blue Self Install Color Kit +$7.50, White with Orange Self Install Color Kit +$7.50, White with Yellow Self Install Color Kit +$7.50, White with Light Blue Self Install +$7.50, White with Green Self Install Color Kit +$7.50, Purple +$25.00, Teal +$25.00, Red +$25.00, Pink +$25.00, Blue +$25.00, Orange +$25.00, Yellow +$25.00, Light Blue +$25.00, Green +$25.00